The OAR 2016 Reading Challenge

With 44 Weeks Left in 2016 (minus two final exam weeks) try the OAR’s 2016 reading challenge to help you meet your reading goals for this year. Tag photos of your books with #oaklandartsreview to share your stories.

  1. A memoir
  2. A book of short stories
  3. A book about space
  4. A book with a child protagonist
  5. A book written by someone who shares your last name
  6. A book set in Latin America
  7. A book of historical fiction
  8. A book on the New York Times Best Sellers List
  9. A book that will soon be adapted to a movie
  10. A book with a yellow cover
  11. A book by an author that shares your birthday month
  12. A graphic novel
  13. A book written in the last year
  14. A book written in 1916
  15. An undergraduate journal
  16. The first red book you see in the library
  17. A collection of poems
  18. A book from a recommendation on GoodReads
  19. The book you have had for a while but never got around to reading
  20. A book about life after graduation
  21. A nonfiction essay
  22. A book set in your favorite location
  23. A book you think you won’t like
  24. An epic poem
  25. A book about college
  26. A book by an author that is not of your gender
  27. A book about mental health
  28. A self-help book
  29. A travel book
  30. That book you read and didn’t like (or understand yet) in high school
  31. An old book of poems
  32. A book from a used book store
  33. A book set during your favorite season
  34. A book about change
  35. A book with a very old protagonist
  36. A book about family
  37. A book with an animal on the cover
  38. A coffee table book
  39. A book your mother likes
  40. A book you see someone else reading
  41. A book of fairy tales
  42. A book set in another world
  43. A book that has notes in the margins
  44. A book about a road trip

– Bethany Olson

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