I Owe My Life To The Library

Now I know what you are thinking. Clearly the title seems to be a tad dramatic. People who know me personally are aware that I may sometimes over exaggerate, but I stand firm on this issue. I have an obsession with libraries. I am not sure whether or not that would be considered a “weird” statement, but I think that many other people are grateful for their library. The reason I say owe my life to the library is because without it, my life would have unfolded much differently. I found adventures, love stories and imaginary worlds by trips to the library. My best friend and I created a relationship based off of impromptu decisions to get the newest book from the hold shelf. But as much as this is a personal love of mine, this is a shout out to libraries for being amazing.

My hometown library is The Bloomfield Hills Township Library and it is cornerstone in my community. If you are ever in Bloomfield Hills, you should definitely check it out. Just for reference, here is the link for their website- http://btpl.org/. Besides it’s beautifully modern design, extremely attentive and helpful librarians and the fact that it has shelves upon shelves of word-filled goodness, the library offers free memberships if you live in the area and free access to the Internet. My library has made me into the person I am today.  The library has given me the opportunity to express myself in the one way I truly know how: through discussion about books. I am one of those people who love to read for fun, so going to the library was never a hardship for me. My disgruntled parents would have to drive me over about three times a week. That anticipation filled ride to the library has always been something I enjoyed and looked forward to. Truthfully, it was the first place I drove to when I got my license at 16. While libraries are always close to my heart, this is also something I think will resonate with other people who their local or collegiate library.

In reality, how many people use their library regularly?  Most of you, if not all of you, use it for educational purposes. I have done everything from homework to study groups at the Kresge Library at Oakland and I also go there for research and scholarly sources for my English papers. Whether you are a college student, a professor, or someone who just loves to read, libraries offer an enormous amount of help for our daily lives. Shout out to the BTPL for always having a study room for me to use during finals. I know many people who live in dorms or apartments that rely on their library as a place of solace during the end of a semester whirlwind. Many libraries also offer tutoring programs regardless of the subject or current grade a person is in. Personally, I have a great relationship with the librarians at my library, who are very helpful and informative. They are an awesome reference to have if you are doing any sort of research.

megan-luttinen-oar-blogThe amount of reading material in your library is unfathomable. Whether you consider yourself to be a book nerd or not, there is something present for just about everyone. Sections of the library range from magazines, movies, comics, romance, general fiction, histories, non-fiction biographies and auto-biographies. But my library does not only house these books, they advertise for them. On their website, they offer multiple “Librarian Picks” and “Most Popular” in certain genres. For example, they have a great amount of LGBTQ fiction and they have a featured page on their website where they talk about new books that teens would be interested in.

A library is more than just a place for research and reading. It is also a community center, a place that fosters imagination and allows for different forms of creative expression! Many libraries offer featured events that range from read-in slumber parties, raffles and paint nights! It is important to remember that libraries offer free memberships to people who live in the surrounding city. These members get free Wi-Fi and free access to all the archives. As a taxpayer in your area, you are funding your library. So use and appreciate it! I’m thankful for my library every day. If you do not know much about yours, definitely check it out. There is a world of magical you have yet to encounter.

– Megan Luttinen

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