Six Reasons Why Libraries Are The Best Place To Be During The Zombie Apocalypse

No one can really predict if and when the apocalypse will happen but you may want to have something set up just in case the inevitable does occur.  Although hospitals may sound like a good idea for practical reasons, they will be the birth place and breeding grounds for the disease and will most likely be overrun by the infected. Staying home and hiding in your attic is pretty much out of the question unless you have already built a zombie survival fortress. Places like Costco or other warehouses sound safe until you consider all of the other people who have the same idea.

After working in different public libraries for almost a year and spending many hours studying at an academic library, I have decided that libraries are in fact the safest hideout for the zombie apocalypse. Here’s six reasons why:

Security Is Key

Most libraries already have some type of security system in place which you can take advantage of during the apocalypse. At my library, we have a system of automatic locks that will shut down all access to certain at precise times throughout the day or all together if the power were to ever go out at the building. These can only be overridden by a set of keys that the Librarians always have on them. If you have those keys, you control the entire building. There are usually very few entrances to libraries which makes barricading them quite easy. Most libraries are old buildings with heavy doors that makes them even harder to breach. In our district, two branches are actually just old banks, with the safe rooms still intact. How ideal is that? Also the nonfiction section of the library is filled with plenty of large heavy books that could be used to build a fortress within your building.

Infinite Knowledge = Infinite Power

Libraries are obviously full of books with millions of different topics. Whether you are looking for wilderness survival guides, medical textbooks, or just straight up apocalypse guides, the library will have them. You will definitely benefit from having all of this information at your fingertips. These books could also be the key to rebuilding society one day.

There Are Blunt Objects Everywhere, Take Your Pick!

Weapons are very important when facing off with the undead. Fortunately the library has a plethora of books and office supplies that can be transformed into head bashing utensils with a little imagination. My library has two fireplaces and I have already called dibs on one of the fire pokers. When all other options are exhausted there are books in the library on how to build different weapons like bows, arrows, and catapults. Get creative with it!

Get Your Cardio

In of off chance that your hideout is ever infested with zombies, the library is like a magical labyrinth of shelves and hidden rooms. They make it very easy to out run a horde of walkers. Shelves are great tools for you to use when running away from zombies. If you plan correctly you can crush zombies with them, dodge their reaching hands, and turn the zombies around into one another. There is also a large amount of hidden workrooms and study rooms that make for quick and easy getaways all around the library. The shelves are completely mobile so set them up as you please and have fun!

Food For Thought and Comfort

Although you may not think of a library as being the best place to find a cache of food, some libraries participate in a weekly soup kitchen donation and will have a stockpile somewhere in the building. Not to mention how frequently librarians bring in treats for one another, so the staff room will be stacked with goodies. Also most libraries have some kind of vending machine that can also be raided. And do not forget the farming section in the nonfiction books. They contain plenty of information on starting gardens and even raising livestock. The library also has plenty of comfortable couches and chairs for people to read and study on. These can be converted to beds if needed. If your library has a fireplace you can always use the hoard of white printer paper and the Twilight Series as kindling to help stay warm.

Daily Entertainment

abigail-1If the world somehow still has Wi-Fi during the apocalypse you are in luck! Even if the power goes out at home, the libraries backup generators will automatically kick on and keep everything running. The library will have computers, laptops, and tablets for you to use to tweet out your current zombie kill count. If the world is stuck without Wi-Fi, don’t worry! Books do not need to be plugged in or charged and the library has plenty for you to enjoy, spanning all kinds of different topics and age groups. Most libraries will contain book club kits, so you could even start weekly meetings with other survivors.

Though the zombie apocalypse may never actually happen, hopefully this has gotten you to consider your emergency plan. Libraries contain the necessary information that society will need to start back up again and provides a major opportunity for survival. They must be protected at all costs.

– Abigail Patrick

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