Proudly Announcing Vol. 2 of the Oakland Arts Review

We are excited to announce and share a peak of our latest volume of the Oakland Arts Review! This summer, the OAR staff gathered to stuff envelopes with copies of the Oakland Arts Review Vol. 2 to send to the artists and writers who contributed to our latest issue. As we begin preparing for our 3rd issue, we are brainstorming ideas to make the Oakland Arts Review accessible to everyone who visits our website.

We are working on putting a digital version of each issue online for our readers to access in an aesthetically pleasing way, rather than a simple PDF. However, while that project is in progress, we would like to share the cover and table of contents of Vol. 2 right away!

Oakland Arts Review Vol. 2

Table of Contents

Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Prizes in Poetry and Nonfiction


Echoes by Ameena Chaudhry, 1st Place

To a Peach Tree by Sena Cebeci, 2nd Place

Careful by Zaynab Zaman, Honorable Mention


Citizen by Dalia Elhassan, 1st Place

Al-Kafirah (The Unbeliever) by Mahalia Sobhani, 2nd Place


Alewife by Haley Ingram

Burning Net by Sarah Cash

American Messiah by Sebastian Romero

A Visit to Bisabuela by Estefania Acquaviva


Her Name Meant Wisdom by Lydia Yousief

Pranayama by Abigail Newhouse

What I Remember by Julieanna Herriven

Dragonflies by Michelle Norsworthy

Der Erlkönig by Ryan Deysher


Making Birds in the Little Building by Emily Hillebrand

Lemon Tree by Ezgi Nur Güvem

Post-Concert by Ezgi Nur Güvem

On the Bosphorus by Ezgi Nur Güvem

Outdoor Funeral by Macy French

You Will Be Given by Ameya Calvocoressi

Spilled Ming by Ameya Calvocoressi

Claddagh by Mikayla Meyers

Swallow the Fire by Mikayla Meyers

Letter to Georgia O’Keefe by Mikayla Meyers

On the Redline by Michael McGillicuddy

Her Middle Name is Joy, And it Should Be by Brandon Hansen

Multistory by CJ West

Juicing Bruises by CJ West

At Our Future Home in Bath by Gabrielle Tribou

Sammā-Vāyāma by Rachel Ann Girty

Ode to Driving 120 MPH by Aaron Leininger

On the Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms, With Observations on Their Habits by Benjamin Kuzava

Vignette: December in MI

Prayers to Spiders by Zane Johnson

The Little Prince by Alice Pow

Ode to You by Alice Pow

Good Women by Danielle Clark

To the Red Sky by Emilee Kinney

All was Swept Away by Emilee Kinney


As the Crow Flies illustrated by Melanie Gillman

Interview with Melanie Gillman by Paige Rowland

We would like to thank everyone who submitted to our 2nd issue!

If you’d like to submit your work to the Oakland Arts Review, visit our Submit page!

– Jessica Trudeau

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