The Power of Journaling

by Caitlin Sinz

Writing for me has always been an outlet to express myself, creatively or just getting emotions out on a page. I have been writing something since about the age of twelve. I think back then I used it to escape from my own thoughts and dive deep into a creative realm where I was in full control.

When I was about to turn thirteen, I started having a lot of health issues. Mainly with my stomach, and my energy level. I had stopped eating because my stomach was in constant pain. After multiple tips to my pediatrician, she finally sent me over to Troy Beaumont, the children’s floor. It was here that they did an endoscopy on me, and nothing came up. What did this mean for me? What was next? Well the solution was very easy. I needed to go see a therapist, they weren’t going to say for sure what was wrong with me, but it was pretty clear that I had a lot of anxiety issues.

My first visit with my therapist was a surprise, my mom didn’t tell me because she was afraid it would freak me out even more by letting me know in advance. There it was determined that I was fully loaded with anxiety, and depression. One of the most beneficial things that I got from those meetings was the process of journaling.

Journaling has helped me tremendously, even if it is just writing about my day, or writing about something I am struggling with. Now I didn’t stick with my first therapist, which is fine, but he taught me the world of writing.

Journaling, which is very different from my normal science-fiction that I normally write, has helped me to really tap into my own brain, and break down my own emotions. I started being able to apply my own struggles and emotions onto my characters in a very weird way.

I think writing can help a lot of people. Getting words, and emotions down, almost forces you to think through your emotions, and struggles.

List of things needed to start Journaling:

~ Get a notebook you like, or a simple notebook will work

~ Grab a pen or a pencil, whichever you prefer

~ Bring some thoughts to the table

Then just write! Don’t think about spelling issues, grammar mistakes, just write it down.

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