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Outlining for NaNoWriMo

I do my best writing organically, sitting down with a vague idea and getting to work – so the idea of intense outlining and planning is a daunting one. Faint memories of three-act structures and archaic plot graphs come to mind, but I was on the hunt for something more compelling. Fortunately for me and…

On Overcoming Self-Doubt

I’m finally discovering how to quiet the voice that tells me I can’t.  Or that I shouldn’t.  Or that trying will inevitably result in failure. Reducing the voice from a roar to a murmur has allowed me to pursue things I never dreamt possible.

Tips from an Intern

The important thing to remember when publishing is to expect rejection but keep fighting for it. Ideally, you get into writing for a reason, a passion, a desire — don’t lose sight of that.