OAR Volume 1
OAR Volume 1 (Winter 2016)
The Oakland Arts Review (OAR) is dedicated to the publication and advancement of literature written by undergraduate students from across the United States and around the world. We publish fiction, poetry, essays, comics, artwork, and hybrid and experimental works. Because we believe that undergraduate students have much to contribute to the literary world, it is our mission to provide a platform for this generation’s emerging writers and, in so doing, create a journal that is of both high artistic quality and great literary significance to readers from all backgrounds.
Since our launch we have received 1,926 submissions from students all over the globe.  OAR staff and faculty have reviewed at least 5,000 pieces of undergraduate literature in the past 4 years. The work has been substantial, but the payoff more so; now more than ever, we feel it is urgent to offer a venue for undergraduates to voice their feelings and concerns about the world they live in.
The first issue was produced by a volunteer staff of thirteen undergraduate students, two graduate students, and one faculty adviser. The department now produces the journal in concert with a class designed specifically for its production.

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